Andry Rajoelina has lost his mind

I wanted to initially go through the internet archives and try and do a year by year analysis of what Marc Ravalomana has done from 2002 from now and also what Andry Rajoelina has done since he has been being elected mayor.  But just today at the latest rally, Andry decides to declare himself the president of Madagascar and ask for the impeachment of Marc Ravalomana. On what grounds exactly? Is he crazy? I can’t do anything but start ranting about how insane I find this to be.

I don’t live in the country, so there is a strike against me. But I have been trying to grasp exactly why this whole crisis started and all I am coming up with is that Marc had shut down Andry’s TV station as they were airing an interview with former president (dictator) Didier Ratsiraka. This reason alone obviously isn’t a reason to create a transitional government and impeach the incumbent president… but it he seems to think it is (I am on the fence about whether the shutdown was justified since you would think that people have the right to say or think what they want… but I am also confident that Didier Ratsiraka would have nothing good to say to the country).  Or perhaps be regarding the land deal between Korea and Madagascar, where Marc was about to sign off a ludicrious amount of land for the Koreans to cultivate… but from what I am reading, this doesn’t appear to be the bigger issue. Boo! to you Marc for even contemplating such an absurd agreement. So if only shutting down his TV station has started this “revolution”, then it would appear that he is nothing more than a megalomaniac.

Everything that I have seen so far does not make any sense:

  • He has offered no details about what his plans are as president: How exactly is he going to make life better for the malagasy, I have yet to see a reason. All I seem to read time and time again is just that the malagasy are losing freedom and they are oppressed by a dictator (which dicator, the one that was democratically re-elected in 2006?).
  • He had no regard for safety at his rallies: If you have even more than 1000 people in attendance at any event, shouldn’t you have sufficient security to ensure the safety of the attendees? But he brought nearly half the city and then incites them with propaganda which would no doubt make them furious with the current establishment and would also influence the trouble makers to start trouble.
  • He is shutting down the city on a regular basis: If you shutdown all of the businesses in any major city there would no doubt be financial losses. Hmm… he’s the mayor, he owns a TV station so he must have some money… what exactly does he lose by shutting the city down? Probably nothing, but anyone else who owns a business is losing out and any individual that depends on them is losing out as well.
  • He is going to give the people democracy and free them from a dictator: For someone that believes in democracy, he sure has a funny way of showing it. His rally provided him with an opportunity to discuss things with the president and bring the peoples issues to him. Isn’t democracy all about opening a dialog? So first, he makes a lame excuse that he will not talk until some mysterious perpetrators are captured (as if that has anything to do with having a dialog). Then he says that he will never talk with the president and then finally tops it off by declaring himself the president of a transitional government. Wow… very democratic. It’s not bad enough that you don’t give the people a voice by allowing them to vote  to determine if there is even a need for a transitional government… but you denied your own followers an opinion. You start this whole thing by just rallying to share your criticisms and issues with the current government and almost immediately mould this into a new government? Seriously. If you want to be president, wait until the next election and run against Marc… I am sure you will have support then (or maybe you won’t and that is why you are doing it).
  • The constitution states that the president must be at least 40: Doesn’t anyone recognize that even if he could be president the constitution wouldn’t allow it? Or would he change that to satisfy his needs? Or… would a certain someone else that has been exiled to France fly back and pick up where he left off and give Andry some high post… Ok… the last one was speculation  but wouldn’t that be a dastardly plan?

I think he has fully taken advantage of his position of power, and he has taken advantage of the hopes of the people of Madagascar. There is no “one” person that is going to make everything alright, it is going to take several generations and hard work to make the type of progress that people want, it isn’t going to happen over night.

The most important thing that has to happen right now is that people must go back to work and start recovering from the damage that was caused by these riots. People need their staple foods and people need the jobs that they lost as a result of their place of work burning to the ground. If Andry was truly a good mayor, then he would be focusing on this instead of trying to usurpe power from Marc… there is no crisis, only the crisis that he himself manufactured.



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