While waiting for the train I decided to check up on the political crisis in Madagascar and it appears that things could get a whole lot more interesting.

I just caught a few headlines on my tiny little blackberry screen and saw on a few that Andry had been fired from his position as mayor of Tana. Wow… That was fast.

I just posted late last night that I thought that the semi-normal day today could be the calm before the storm. I wonder if the mayor losing his job will renew Andry supporters belief and bring more back out. Since the government is trying to put a quick end to Andry’s political career will it end the political turmoil, or put the crisis back into the lime light?

Let’s hope for an end to turmoil, and let’s hope that all the Malagasy are fed up with all of the trouble and want to just move on with their lives and this whole thing will fade away like a bad dream.

Update: Here is a link to the actual  decision by the municipal council:


Some semblance of normal

So today it would appear from all the news sources that I have parsed through it was a somewhat normal day today, hopefully it is not just the calm before the storm.

The news from almost every web page/blog states that the rally today was smaller and that everyone was going about their day as normal. Hopefully it is a sign that people are tired of the turmoil that can come of a political crisis, and that it is a sign for Andry that he should have waited until Marc’s term was up before trying to take control.

It is too bad that the people felt that the government was not listening to them and that they had to turn to someone who promised to solve all their problems and provide them with a government that would listen. It feels like that a lot of the time here in Canada, we seem to rarely get an elected official that will do anything that they say they will do before they are elected. Maybe I am way too skeptical now to believe what any politician says, but I am skeptical enough to question the promises of a politician. I think that is something that every individual should do of their government.

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