Some semblance of normal

So today it would appear from all the news sources that I have parsed through it was a somewhat normal day today, hopefully it is not just the calm before the storm.

The news from almost every web page/blog states that the rally today was smaller and that everyone was going about their day as normal. Hopefully it is a sign that people are tired of the turmoil that can come of a political crisis, and that it is a sign for Andry that he should have waited until Marc’s term was up before trying to take control.

It is too bad that the people felt that the government was not listening to them and that they had to turn to someone who promised to solve all their problems and provide them with a government that would listen. It feels like that a lot of the time here in Canada, we seem to rarely get an elected official that will do anything that they say they will do before they are elected. Maybe I am way too skeptical now to believe what any politician says, but I am skeptical enough to question the promises of a politician. I think that is something that every individual should do of their government.

I hope what they say is true and that he is going to be touring Madagascar for his revolution, I think that will give the country enough time to let this whole crisis blow over. Hopefully by the time that he is back everyone will have forgotten the revolution (to some extent) and have started to deal with the fallout from the original rioting.

One thing about this that strikes me as odd is that the mayor of a city of 1.4 million people is going to drop his day job and goes across the country promoting his  political agenda. Who is it exactly that is going to deal with all the paper work and problems from business owners and individuals resulting from the riot? Now that things are getting back to normal there must be many civic duties to perform, and running away from them to promote your agenda isn’t the most responsible thing to do. He is an elected official after all, and his first job should be the welfare of the businesses and residents of the city.

Perhaps he knows that the end is near because of the decline in his supporters or maybe it was the fact that he had to stretch the truth about the success of the strike as far as he did .  Nearly 100% of businesses and government agencies were open, clearly everyone must have seen that. And for each subsequent day that life continues on as normal, people are going to have more time to reflect on what happened and what truly matters and support will dwindle, save for the Andry fundamentalists (if there is such a thing). Perhaps everyone will realize that they just got caught up in one of those passionate moments, and now that they have had a chance for the consequences to sink in they are starting to think twice about the type of change that is being promised.

I hope this is the last we see of the revolution, I hope Andry and Roland fade away as people get back to normal. I also hope that if it does fade away, that everyone will find a better way to show their dissatisfaction with their government. And if there is dissatisfaction, it is dealt with at the next federal election.


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