Andry TGV’s Tea Party

Update: OK… just read AndryDago’s post about the crisis in Madagascar and it appears the High constitutional court has declared itself incompetent to handle such matters as the impeachment of the president… Who does if they don’t? It doesn’t appear as if there is a body that can do this. Now I wonder what is going to be happening Saturday? Does this mean anything at all?  Things might not end up being as cut and dry as I thought… If you haven’t read the post yet, have a look: there is also a french article here:


It would appear from most news sources that the supporters would take the sacking of their mayor/political hero exactly the way that I thought they would. Today in the capital hundereds gathered (hundreds? not thousands?) outside of city hall in Antanarivo protesting the firing of Andry and the appointment of his replacement.

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