Is there a media blackout that I am not aware of?

Update Update – If you want some comic relief for the crisis, take a look at some caricatures of Andry and Marc at Sobika, some of them are quite funny (especially the one where Andry is holding Marc as a baby):


Update – Missed this story that was blogged on spotlight madagascar, apparently a jet was looted/burned according to this article: Also it appears that Ravalomanana has just giving MBS radio and TV over to the National TV and Radio rather than keep them here at DagoTiako’s blog.

Also, on February 5th it was announced that a UN envoy was heading to Madagascar to monitor the political situation in a 5 day visit. You can find many articles on the subject here and here and also here. I am not sure what 5 days will help accomplish, but if they happened to be there during the transitional government perhaps that will do some good.


These past couple of days have been very dry, there are basically no breaking stories in the media to speak of.

The only thing that I could find was fellow blogger Mahanina on wordpress reporting a citizens point of view as to what is going on, according to the blog there was some sort of TGV march yesterday that led to some more looting.

The only other things that I could find  were a link that relates periods of economic growth with political upheaval and this link showing the average economic growth of Madagascar since 2002.

I have also added some new videos (1 English 1 Malagasy) along with some new pictures.

I guess the big news stories will be breaking in about 16 hours or so (from my time). I am sure some time early morning Andry will show us something from his bag of tricks… I will be watching, whatever it is, please let it be peaceful.


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