A sad day for Madagascar

Update – Here is a older link regarding the Madagascar’s economic crisis. It is sad that all of this fighting and violence is only going to end up making the poor, poorer….

Globalvoices – Impact of economic crisis on Madagascar

Also, within the link there is reference as to how the US may impact the amount of aid that goes to poor countries. I will post it here.

And finally here is a link to Marc Ravalomanana speaking at the UN asking countries to keep their promised assistance for the poor.


I don’t even know where to start… with Andry? with Marc? I can’t even express how frustrated I am becoming over this whole situation. What makes it worse is that international media are not providing much detail as to what is going on, thankfully there are Malagasy blogging like DagoTiako, and we have finally gotten through to our family and received some more information.

So where to start… Let’s start with a summary of what happened today, according to blogs and news that I have read. Today was (as previously declared by the TGV movement) was the date on which they would declare their transitional government, and so they did. There was to be a grand concert from Rossy, but he couldn’t make it due to Madagascar becoming a “no fly zone” according to Sobika.com. So the proceedings went on as planned and Andry named himself “High Authority of the Transition”, whatever that means… I guess you have to make up some official title since the constitution prevents him from declaring himself president until he is 40.  Then he announced that the new Prime Minister of this government will be “Monja Roindefo”. I have not been able to glean any other names from his announcement, but it doesn’t appear as though there were any other anointments.

So, after the announcements and with the crowd sufficiently riled up, Andry announces that they are going to march on the presidential palace. REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS? IS THAT REALLY A GOOD IDEA? Let’s bring this a little closer to home shall we? Let’s pretend for a minute that Andry was in the US and he just finishes his announcement that he is going to form a transitional government. He then declares that they are going to go march on the White House and install his government… what do you think would happen? The exact same thing that did happen in Madagascar, unfortunately, the use of force. So here we go again, Andry brainwashes everyone into believing he is going to solve their problems and make sure that money is spent correctly, then makes them march on towards the palace to install himself and the new prime minister. The crowd was told not to cross the red zone, they did, and now we have 20 – 40 dead and over 300 injured. We now have hospitals scrambling for help from medical students and blood donations… why? Because everyone believes that he is going to deliver them from their problems. Why weren’t you the first one at the palace trying to install yourself and your new minister Andry? Were you afraid you would be shot? He might be able to mix a good song or two for them, but he sure as hell is not going to make their problems vanish into thin air by being the president.

What is worse is that as a result of the riots and destruction our family has told us that there is virtually nothing on the television but VIVA. Now people are being brainwashed at the rallies and when they get home in the evening, they are being inundated with propaganda. So if it is true that there are no other points of view to counter what is being said on VIVA, doesn’t the perception now become that whatever VIVA says is true? Great! (sarcasm if you can’t tell) Good idea not to hurry up and get the other stations back on the air and give them away Marc.

Speaking of Marc… where was he? I have not heard mention of him at all while this is going on. Should he not be right there trying to calm the crowd and convince them to think about what they are doing from the very beginning before they do it? Instead, when everything is finished and people have already suffered, he comes out and urges for peace and calm. What does it look like to people there and abroad when people are being shot at and killed? Marc, now you look either like a coward or that you just don’t care and that coupled with the fact that you have no news or media coverage (that I know of), the perception is going to start to get skewed. In fact, you have pretty much validated some of the propaganda that they are spreading to people regardless of whether or not it’s even true.

And on top of everything else there is very limited coverage of the rally, the march or any of the unfortunate deaths that have occurred. Listed below are the only news stories that I could find and most are limited in content and have virtually no pictures or media:

France24 on the transitional government and some information on the EU envoy

France24 0n some of the deaths recorded from the march on the palace

The Earth Times stating that it could have been a sudden rush of the crowd that provoked the gunfire while peaceful negotiations were taking place

GlobalVoicesOnline with some more description and some times


EnglishChina.com states that perhaps journalist were shot

NationalPost.com – FINALLY front and centre in a Canadian publication. This is the best article listed so far, have a read.


BBC with another good article

Telegraph UK

BBC – Some very sad pictures of those hurt in the violence

When it comes down to it, it doesn’t really matter who is right or who is wrong, it just matters that things are dealt with appropriately and responsibly. If there are some wrong doings, let them come to light as they will, and if you are not satisfied with your government then ELECT a new one. Let all of Madagascar speak peacefully and choose the new leader instead of forcing a new government on everyone in the country.  If the government is doing something wrong, then by all means rally to let them know that you disapprove but let that rally remain peaceful and lawful. Don’t get brainwashed into doing the bidding of a single individual that is promising you the world and is using you to further their own goals. Today and every day that there has been violence just shows how Andry does not care about the people of Madagascar and also shows the world just how dispensable he thinks they are. If he was really concerned about them, he would have stopped after the first loss of life.

Let us hope that the international community speaks up for a peaceful resolution to the problem. It would appear that if it was just left with Marc and Andry, there will just be more needless loss of life. I am afraid to find out what is going to happen next.


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