Stop the madness…

Saturday was a truly tragic day, it is too bad that this whole situation is routinely coming to violence. I have spent a lot of time yesterday and today doing some reading, trying to find all of the articles that I could about the situation and what the international community thinks.

Unfortunately it appears that most of the international community is misinformed; they seem to just listen to what Andry Rajoelina says without fully investigating if it is true or not. There is a pattern forming with the actions of the TGV and I hope that I am not the only one that sees it. Let’s summarize it for the record:

  • Gather as big of a crowd as possible.
  • Tell them about how the president is responsible for all their problems and that his squandering all of their money.
  • Wait for the crowd to get sufficiently riled up.
  • Point them at a target which inevitably leads to looting and/or tragedy

I don’t want it to sound insensitive, but if you think about it, it’s true. He doesn’t have any regard for the lives of his followers, he just wants them to believe that he does. There is no record that I could find of him being near the palace when shooting was occurring where was he? Was he negotiating with anyone for entry? (not likely) Has he been trying to negotiate his demands at all? No, Andry does not care for a peaceful resolution and in the news everywhere he clearly states that he is ready for some more rallies. If you ask me, he is the one with blood on his hands:

  • Rally on January 26th – 80 dead when Andry loses control (?) of the crowd and widespread looting and burning occurs across Madagascar. The army was told to stand down in order to prevent civilian casualties.
  • Rally on February 7th – 26 dead, over 200 injured when Andry’s supporters start charging toward the red zone to enter the palace. What would happen to a mass of people that charged the White House or Sussex Drive? There is not a chance that an angry crowd would even get close to the White House if Barrack Obama was inside (or even if he wasn’t).

He organized the rallies, he is responsible for the people and the actions of those people. If you didn’t want to see any harm come to them, then you would have started and ended the rally in the same location. You would not have said all the irresponsible things you did to the crowd and to encourage them to do as they have.
In my previous post I mentioned that I was upset with the president, but that most likely stems solely from my frustration about the fact that I cannot seem to find any interviews, or information from him anywhere. And as I also mentioned previously there doesn’t seem to be any other broadcasting going out to the people but Andry’s (perhaps I could be wrong, but I have yet to hear it). I didn’t know this, but the president provides the Malagasy with a weekly update of what he is working on and how things are progressing for the country. I am not sure how this information is delivered, but you can find it here:

My wife was kind enough to translate the broadcast for me but I seemed to have misplaced it on my computer, so I will have to post that a little bit later.
I really wish that people would start to question things and think deeply about what all of this tragedy is really about. Is it about a cause? No, it’s about an ego. Normal causes are voiced and protested, the people protesting seek to have dialogue with the people that can help their cause. There has never been any dialog, Andry has been consistantly running away from it. First, because he says some people have to come to justice, and now because people died because of his rally. So if there is never going to be any dialogue, will things change? Not likely, it has been written in many news reports that the president is open to it but dialogue has still yet to happen.

Even if you don’t think there should be dialogue, you at least have to ask Andry what change he is going to bring to Madagascar. The list so far is rather short:

  • Free the people from the dictatorship they live in (what dictator?).
  • Control public spending because of a jet.

I have not heard of a single other thing that he is promising to change about Madagascar. So if those are the only 2 things, why is Madagascar being destroyed and why are Malagasy dying? Aren’t the Malagasy afraid of what might happen if they install another president that has no plan or direction for the country? Are you ready for what kind of change inexperience could bring you? Or are you ready to have politicians installed without your consultation if it is true that he is only a front man for other hidden politicians?
Has anyone ever thought that the president was already rich before he even took office? What could he possibly need with the money from the country if he would ever be inclined to take it? It is highly doubtful that the funds are being mismanaged, but even if they are, it isn’t like he is spending all the money for the country himself. It could be mismanaged by other individuals with in the government.
Think of how Madagascar would be without Tiko, Classico and any of the other malagasy brands that they have been accustomed to? Not to say that he would leave, but you should be ready to think about what you are willing to lose and what you have already lost.
You must also think about the consequences of getting a new government through a coup and what kind of government it will be:

  • The AU and most other international bodies frown upon governments formed out of political or military coups. So you could see some immediate financial effect.
  • Your leader is 34 and not old enough to be president. He may give the orders now, but who would be giving them once this is over? It can’t be him unless he changes the constitution.
  • What will happen to all the progress and economic growth of the country? Will anyone at al want to invest money in a country with an unstable or one that has a government that was not democratically elected?

Again I say, you must voice your disapproval to the government peacefully. You must show your dissatisfaction of your government with a vote. You must stop all of the violence and work towards a peaceful end to this crisis through dialogue. Please stop the madness.

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