Where’s the new president TGV?

Update – The Cyber Observer has just updated his blog with a very detailed walk through of the events that transpired on Bloody Saturday. It is very good, to read it follow the link or go here.

DagoTiako also has a few updates on the crisis and mentions that there will be a pro-Ravalomana rally tomorrow at Mahamasina at 11AM, check it out. Thank goodness we will be able to see that this crisis is not just one sided. I just hope that there will be no aggression towards the people that attend that rally from proTGV.  Also they intend to announce for 4 more government officials… way to drag it out TGV… and they say they are going to get down to work on Monday Feb 16th… I hope this doesn’t mean more trouble.


Another rally is taking place today and from the news so far, it seems to be relatively peaceful which is a good thing. I don’t think that it will stay that way however, I am sure they are thinking up some sort of new scheme already.

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President’s message to the people after Red Saturday

Here is the message that I mention in my blog post. I don’t think a lot of people heard it or read it, so I have put it here so that more people can see it. Continue reading