Where’s the new president TGV?

Update – The Cyber Observer has just updated his blog with a very detailed walk through of the events that transpired on Bloody Saturday. It is very good, to read it follow the link or go here.

DagoTiako also has a few updates on the crisis and mentions that there will be a pro-Ravalomana rally tomorrow at Mahamasina at 11AM, check it out. Thank goodness we will be able to see that this crisis is not just one sided. I just hope that there will be no aggression towards the people that attend that rally from proTGV.  Also they intend to announce for 4 more government officials… way to drag it out TGV… and they say they are going to get down to work on Monday Feb 16th… I hope this doesn’t mean more trouble.


Another rally is taking place today and from the news so far, it seems to be relatively peaceful which is a good thing. I don’t think that it will stay that way however, I am sure they are thinking up some sort of new scheme already.

Today’s gathering seems to have just been for the announcement of more pseudo ministers, which brings his total number of fake officials to 6:

Prime Minister:               Monja Roindefo
Mayor:                                Michèle Ratsivalaka
Finance:                              Benja Razafimahaleo
Interior:                             Masimana Manantsoa
Decentralization(?):      Andrianiana Harivelo
Interior Security:          General Rakotoharimihantaharizaka

Is it just me, or does this whole thing seem to be unnecessarily drawn out? I don’t know exactly how many people are in the government, but he has been so slow to announce each and every little piece of it. Is it to keep people coming back for more? Perhaps. If he wants to govern the country, shouldn’t he already be prepared with his entire government? Also, no one has answered the BIG question as
to who is going to be president? It can’t be him, are they going to save it for the end and have it as a big surprise? I wouldn’t put it past them, you can’t have a High Transitional whatever you call it running the country.

I saw this article in voa news and it got me wondering what kind of beliefs that TGV supporters have:

“He said before the meeting with the UN special representative in Madagascar that he is going to continue with the strike action. And the fact is also that many people trust in the way he does things in the country about improving the political situation in the country and the economic one. And he and his supporters think that the best way for these problems to be resolved is that President Marc
Ravalomanana must resign from his post,”

Do people actually believe this? First of all, What does a ex-mayor do in the country (he’s not even a mayor anymore)? How is he going to improve the political and economic situation in the country? He has been encouraging violence and in doing so causing all foreign investment and tourism to pull back. He has ruined the local economy with all the looting he encourage which I hear cost Shoprite
Cora/Score 24 000 000 Ariary. And now the poor people are even worse off because everything has doubled in price if you can even find it to buy. With the way he plans his rallies, I highly doubt he has a good plan to recover the damage he has done to the economy.

Another thing that is starting to be really irritating is that no one has defined “change” yet. He keeps promising people a “change” but has yet to define what he is going to change. He is going to have to do WAY better than the 2 reasons that he has come up with so far. I think he has just distracted his followers so much that no one seems to be questioning his actions. Someone needs to ask these questions before it is too late.

I am still hung up on Saturday also, I think TGV is trying to simplify the things that happened and are using that to try and manipulate the crowds so that he can use the anger of his people to fuel his campaign. Here are some of the rumours that I have found through reading various reports:

  • The new minister did talk to the security force to try and get in
  • They were told that if they crossed the red zone they would be fired upon
  • TGV paid people to fill out their crowds and help incite the people

Even if they aren’t true, I am wondering what anyone would do if you have a crowd of angry people surging towards you? Maybe it was just self defense? Or even, what would have happened to the presidential palace should the people have been allowed inside? Regardless, I don’t anyone needed to die, I am just of the mind that someone had convinced the people to cross the line and I think people should take
that into account when they try to bring people to justice. I have embedded a video below that shows the ministers talking to the guards about entering the palace, then what appears to be some form of hand gesture and then not to long after a surge in the crowd. I think this shows that there was some sort of manipulation of the crowd because they were told they could not pass the red zone, and when told they started to say that they will not turn back. Check the video out:

An interesting side note, if you go to Sobika.com there is a poll that ask who you think is responsible for “Red Saturday”. At the time of this blog it was as follows:

40% – Andry TGV (2738 votes)
28% – Marc Revalomanana (1925 votes)
29% – Both (1995 votes)
2% – The Press (120 votes)

I am glad to see that the majority of people hold the person responsible for inciting and directing the people responsible.

The good news is that the mediators “seem” to be making some progress and that there may be talks starting between Marc and Andry for the first time. I am just getting really tired of Andry attaching lists of demands or requirements to engaging in a democratic process to resolve this issue.


I mentioned earlier that I was going to put up my wife’s translation of Marc’s message post Saturday, but I have accidentally deleted it. But fortunately they translated it to French, so I will post that below this one and you can check that out. I will be putting up the message (in Malagasy) on YouTube at some point to get it out there.

I am hoping with all these new appointments that they don’t take it upon themselves to try and install them in the coming days to their posts. If anything of that nature is even mentioned, you know that TGV is deliberately trying to start some more trouble and they will be putting their own followers right in the thick of it.


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