Tsy Mila TGV!

Update – It appears that there have been some promises made when the talks started (yesterday). Ravalomana will not arrest Rajoelina and Rajoelina will not call on supporters to march on government buildings. You can read the article here. If they are right, we may have the makings of peace for the country (even if it is only for a little while).


What an amazing day! If you can believe it 40, 000 people showed up at the Mahamasina stadium to protest against the TGV movement and how it has been destabilising Madagascar. And they all did it despite the downpour that was caused by the narrowly averted cyclone Gael. Finally! the incumbent speaks up and his people show Madagascar and the world that they are not interested in a new government being forced upon them. I was really starting to wonder what Ravalomana could do. I hope this is the beginning of a realisation for the Malagasy people… Wouldn’t that be great?

There was about 30,000 people inside of the arena and about 10,000 outside of the arena, all standing in the rain supporting their country and democracy. Most inside where shouting “Arrest TGV!” repeatedly (which is not a bad idea) and carrying around banners that say “Tsy Mila TGV” (We dont need TGV)!

Now if you thought that video that I embedded in the blog recently was too vague, or even if you thought it was good, you have to check this one out. The video itself is crystal clear and you can see an angry General Dolin walking away from the palace guard after they were told that they would be shot at crossing if they crossed the red zone. After that you can “clearly” see grey tie guy signal for people to move forward, and subsequently the crowd rush the palace guard. So it appears that these guys are directly responsible for the deaths of the Malagasy on Bloody Saturday. Who in their right minds would tell people to move forward when they were told they would be shot? For all the people that were running toward the palace knew, their leaders had talked to the soldiers and they received the OK to go ahead… The TGV movement is responsible for Bloody Sunday and they should be arrested. This also goes to show you what kind of company that Andry is in, and shows you that these two can make any decisions they want without consulting their so-called leader. This video does a nice service by naming those responsible for this mess. Heres the video:

Update – I just wanted to put another picture below the video to get some more perspective on the type of people that are part of the TGV movement. If you watch the above video, you can clearly see the grey tie guy telling the croud to go to the palace. Minutes later (in the picture below) you can see grey tie guy running for his life, amazing, can we expect the ministers and officials for TGV to do this when times are tough?

TGV Dedication - This official is standing behind the supporters, no wait, he is running away from them

I am very glad to see that Andry’s crowd did not try to clash or obstruct Marc’s rally today. I was afraid that there might have been a lot of fighting going on between the two groups, so the best news for today was that everything remained peaceful.

The only other notable report today is that they are starting to see the impact that the instability is having on the country. So far from what I have read, the riots and violence that occurred from Jan 26 to Now have cost the entire country 7 years of progress. It will take 7 years to get back to the way things were before the TGV came through the country and destroyed everything in it’s path. I don’t know if it is an exact number, so don’t quote me, but regardless it isn’t looking good for the economy. If you think about how the world is doing economically as a whole then you have to worry about how Madagascar is going to make it through this.

I think the rest of the story goes that Andry will be appointing some more ministers at a rally tomorrow and then on Monday he says that they are supposed to go to work. Doing what? Who knows, hopefully they don’t try to install them anywhere else. I do think though that people aren’t going to be following them so blindly this time. Also tomorrow resolution talks are supposed to be starting with the government, TGV and the envoys, hopefully they can start talking more peace and have less anarchy.


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