Women and children first

Over the past few days the news has been pretty quiet, thankfully. For 3 days now since the announcement that TGV was to install it’s ministers starting Monday we have seen a rally and march on government buildings followed by the failure to install TGVs non-elected official. But now after this recent failure TGV has announced a rather peculiar way of marching on the government buildings. According to this article, Thursday February 19th, TGV will march on another government building but this time with all women in the front of the rally. Supposedly these women are the “spouses of policemen and soldiers” and the TGV appear to have a purpose thought up for them, though I certainly hope it isn’t the first one the comes to mind. But with this quote from Andry: “They will be at the front ranks of the march and the military and policemen will not fire on their own family members” it would be hard to believe that they are doing anything but trying to form of human shield to his ministers installed. I think this idea alone should be enough to end TGV, who can blatantly say that we are going to use women in hopes that the police/soldiers will not shoot? But despite how much I wish people could see how much they are being used, there will probably be 5,000 to 10,000 people showing up for the rally tomorrow to try yet again to install another minister. I just hope that they do not try to do something drastic with an announcement such as this.

Some good news is that it appears that there is no truth to Andry’s statement that he has 80% support from the military. Here is an excerpt from the article from the BBC:

Gen Rakotovao, one of the army’s longest standing officers, said in Tuesday’s statement that Madagascar’s armed forces were united and “reject any attempt to divide them”.

“The army is not there to seize power, but it is ready to fulfil its duties.”

Considering the fact the army and other military commanders have been meeting with the president to try and find a solution, it would appear that Andry is just telling another one of his BIG stories. It truly makes you wonder why people follow someone who has yet to tell them one thing that is true.

One final thing is that there is a pretty good article that attempts to deconstruct the ongoing crisis in Madagascar, you can give it a read here. It is the first part of a three part series to try and understand what is causing the political turmoil and perhaps where it is heading.

Hopefully tomorrow we won’t see any drastic action by the TGV, their statement doesn’t exactly make me feel good about the march tomorrow.


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