Brink of civil war? Or TGV hoax?

Something scary and unthinkable may have happened, there have been reports of descent in the army. I am not sure when or why this happened, but it seems that at some point during their operation at VIVA some soldiers have had a change of heart (or so they say).

I feel like I am being taken on a roller coaster ride everyday with the news from Madagascar. Andry Rajoelina does something to upset everyone, which is traditionally followed by silence from the government. Then the government does something that makes you think that it is the end for Andry Rajoelina, and then the tables turn again. I wonder if this crisis will ever end.

Just yesterday I was having a little celebration because I thought that the government had finally been able to contain TGV and stop it from operating effectively. I seriously thought that Andry had very few options left as he obviously couldn’t show himself in public for fear of arrest and with the army taking VIVA there would be virtually no way for him to communicate with his supporters.

So how did we get from this to a descention in the army so fast? Not sure, but I am not entirely convinced that it is true yet, it certainly doesn’t sound right or even logical. I can’t see how military personnel could change there minds during or after a mission, especially since there as no significant news reported in the taking of VIVA. And what about the location of their sudden change of heart? Is it a coincidence that they change their minds after taking VIVA? Why would there not have been decent before this? It does not add up, and it reeks of TGV spin. I would not be surprised at all if those involved with this descention were really just TGV supporters dressed up as the army. Actually, what better way to use force and not have the consequences of it reflect upon the TGV.

But if it does turn out to be true then things start to get really scary. Just thinking about two armed military groups with opposing interests makes me think that civil war might not be too far off. This is a very dangerous situation and it will only take one botched military operation to turn into a gun fight and then it will be too late, the line will be crossed.

It is just sad to see the everyone suffer just because someone thinks they can save the country (or better his business too) and is too impatient wait for an election. In reality it doesn’t matter who is president because overcoming the poverty of Madagascar is going to take a generation or more, not just one or two terms. Unfortunately with anything, when people don’t see results right away they become impatient and odds are this problem will present itself yet again. Always one step forward, two steps back it seems.

I will be crossing my fingers that tomorrow they will announce that this as all a big hoax created by TGV to confuse people. But if it isn’t then let’s hope that some miracle happens to prevent these two sides of the army from fighting with one another.


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