A sad day for Madagascar, a sad day for democracy

Update 1 – Looks like it is official, Ravalomanana has dissolved government and transferred power to the military. Here is a link to the Malagasy government site:

Dissolution du Gouvernement, le Président a conféré les pouvoirs à un Directoire militaire

Here is a link to the actual resignation speech: http://www.madagascar-presidency.gov.mg/P/discours1.mp3

Now the question is, will everyone just stand behind Rajoelina? Or will the army that was given power fight against the army of Andry Rajoelina? If so, then the country will officially be shunned by the international community and that will be very unfortunate for the poor.

Here is a good article as well: Democracy in Madagascar, is this the beginning or the end? (French)


If you have been having a hard time keeping up with things, I don’t blame you, I have too. There was a flurry of reports out there stating that Marc Ravalomanana has resigned, or that 8 ministers have resigned… etc.

I am trying to pull all the information in currently, so I am not going to make this post very long, but will update it later.

Here is what I have been reading so far that has been infuriating:

  • Someone has update Andry Rajoelina in wikipedia that he is now the president?  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andry_Rajoelina – Somone correct it please… to say dictator… unbelievable… the crisis isn’t over and there is an article already!
  • Iavaloha is under attack. Grenades and guns heard as well as church bells sounding off the alarm.
  • Rumours that the head of the FKJM (or is it supposed to be FKKM) Pastor Rasendrahasina, Ramaroson Hyppolite and some general have been captured by rebel soldiers and are being held at CAPSAT.
  • Marc Ravalomanana has given Prime Minister and Presidential power over the the loyal army (Ramaroson Hyppolite)
  • Andry Rajoelina was again declared the president.

That’s it for now. Check out the Crisis time line and the Rumours pages, I am compiling information there first before I post anything. So much for working today.

I declare that we start a national day of morning for when Madagascar’s democracy was lost by a megolmaniac terrorist DJ. Since it duals as St. Patrick’s day we can all drown our sorrows.


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