I am stunned…

I have been trying to put together another post between my increasingly busy schedule…

I am not quite there yet, but I saw this link and I HAD to share it… It is Marc Ravalomanana’s desperate plea for help in restoring order to Madagascar.

This article is very concise, and I think appropriately describes Andry Rajoelina’s path to power and also the destruction he has left in his wake.

But the worse part of all of this is that Ravalomanana admits that he and his family were threatened by soldiers when they stormed Iavaloha… his family escaped into the forest, but he was forced to transfer power to the military at gunpoint.

If you think about it, it makes sense. He was saying that he would die with the protesters, but then the protesters disappeared and so did Ravalomanana… which was unusual considering he had vowed to stay with them. But if he is being held at gunpoint, then you can guarantee there was no one left to defend him or his family. And the only possible thing he could do was flee and hope to catch the ear of the AU and international community to help Madagascar as it clearly being run by a terrorist organization.

Here is the article: Madagascar: Speech of His Excellency Marc Ravalomanana

You should also read a DagoTiako’s blog to see how they are treating bloggers and reporters who don’t agree with the TGV: http://ariniaina.wordpress.com/

People continue to be threatened and forced into submission, is this freedom of speech and expression? No, Madagascar is rapidly moving towards an authoritarian regime that is going to tell them what is good for them…. or else.


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