Not hungry for power?

Not thirsty for power? You can almost get a giggle out of the blog title if you imagine Andry Rajoelina saying this seriously to someone. The quote is this:

“I am not thirsty for power, I do not want to cling to power. I just want to bring democracy to Madagascar,” Rajoelina said Wednesday, May 13.

He says speaking to reporters about the special agreement that was somehow concocted between him and the UN. Or maybe just him? I don’t think there was ever a resolution on the UN mediator bias, that could be the only reason Ican think of that the HAT and all former presidents are not able to participate in elections in this agreement, while the so called ‘transitional authority’ is entrusted with organizing fair and transparent elections? What does the HAT know of fair? How could anyone ever believe that they could organize anything fair when they have been replacing people left and right from fokotany to mayors?

And how did the process of resolving the crisis depend on the decision of most its recent ex-presidents? I know I have said this before, but isn’t this crisis between Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina? How did we ever get Albert Zafy and Didier Ratsiraka involved in the negotiations? Perhaps it is wool to be pulled over our eyes? Perhaps it is a reason to delay a legitimate political ruler? I can’t think of any reasons… and it bothers me that they are participating. They are distracting everyone from the real issues and slowing all the negotiations down to a crawl, and you know they are only there to benefit from something. Who has heard from Albert Zafy until the crisis? How can you trust he is out to help Madagascar when he only speaks out when there is political instability and a chance for him to return as president. And Ratsiraka and AREMA? Pierrot stated a couple of days the coup that he had a ‘deal’ with Andry Rajoelina. Now Ratsiraka confirming he had a deal too by saying:

“I rejected the coup and the self-proclamation of Mr. Marc Ravalomanana in 2002. In the same way, I condemn the self-proclamation, the coup and the policy of Mr. Andry Rajoelina (president of the high transitional authority), whom I helped at the beginning of the current political crisis,” Ratsiraka said in an open letter.

There is far too much political posturing to think this is simply just ‘resolving’ the crisis in Madagascar. And with posturing comes the demands… Now Ratsiraka refuses to participate in negotiations until all the exiles and crimes against him and his government are forgotten:

“Before any real negotiations to quell this crisis, (I demand) that all inquiries, decisions and judicial findings linked to the events of 2002 are purely and simply annulled and, in particular, those that were political,” Ratisraka wrote.

Who cares if he wants something, he has nothing to do with the current crisis aside from a possible helping hand. Ravalomanana also refuses to participate until he is allowed to return to Madagascar:

“If the conditions for Ravalomanana’s return are not discussed, or there is no agreement, then we will quit the negotiating table,” Raharianivo Andrianantoandro, spokesman for Ravalomanana’s political party, told Reuters.

What’s next? Will Albert Zafy demand something tomorrow? Will we have to wait for his demands to be fulfilled to before we continue to negotiate?

Are we all hoping that Andry Rajoelina, Albert Zafy, Didier Ratsiraka and Marc Ravalomanana will all agree on something and move ahead? Yeah right! Maybe in some sort of alternate dimension. Since when does negotiation between people hungry for the office of the president go well? I think this agreement is dead in the water, they are just wasting precious time in these negotiations when we could use that time to help all the Malagasy that are suffering.

But does it matter at all if the negotiations go well? If this agreement goes anywhere or not, it appears that the UN is more than happy to have the HAT leading the transitional government over the next 14 months. It also appears that everyone but Marc Ravalomanana has something gain from this. Ratsiraka and his gang are constantly pursuing their precious amnesty from all their crimes, and will probably get it or at the very least they have been pardoned. Albert Zafy has gotten attention and possibly another shot at being president. Andry Rajoelina gets to rule the country until the next government is elected (if that even happens, or if it happens fairly).

But Marc Ravalomanana cannot, and probably will not be able to go back to Madagascar for the forseeable future. Underneath all of the talk and news it really just comes down to Marc Ravalomanana being pushed aside. Despite all the promises of coming home (the video with Al Jazeera where he states that he will come back by force if he has to), there is no chance that he is going to be able to come back. If you think about it really… what are the chances that these talks will ever go anywhere? With so many people to negotiate, there is no chance that they are going to to agree on anything, so perhaps no ones requests will be granted… hence, no return to Madagascar for Ravalomanana. What about going back to Madagascar by force? What African force would stand behind Ravalomanana and possibly provoke a civil war? Who would want to go against the UN and AU’s peaceful approach to resolution? It would have to be a miracle, or some specially built up of forces local to Madagascar to defend Ravalomanana’s return. And even if THAT happened, it would be viewed negatively by the AU/UN as it would have very high potential for civil war and he would be instigating. See… there is just a very low probability of this happening.

It is going to take some miracle to get Marc Ravalomanana back into Madagascar without reprocussions. But I hope that some how, some way, we can trim the fat that has grown on this crisis, so to speak. Get rid of Albert Zafy, Didier Ratsiraka and Pierrot Rajaonarivelo because they have no reason or right to even be there. Let’s start negotiating the only two people involved in the crisis, Marc Ravalomanana and Andry Rajoelina. Let’s focus on the crisis and those involved, not the people that helped the crisis to flourish and have their own agendas.


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