Not much news flowing out regarding Madagascar since Ravalomanana’s finger pointing at France or the stalled negotiations between the group of ex-presidents. The only notable thing that happened was that the army was busy this morning storming the Ivato airport, checking passengers and their luggage for information on Marc Ravalomanana. They were also apparently searching for anyone that could be associated with the former president, for whatever reason. Very peculiar… is it the HAT that is paranoid about his return? Or is it the army? Very wierd. Why are they responding so quickly to a rumour? Is there something that he could do if he were there? Or are they just anxious to make an example of him and then lock him away for good?

Here is the just of the TopMada article:

“Heavily armed soldiers have been combing the end Ivato International Airport in Antananarivo in search of the exiled President of Madagascar Marc Ravalomanana. The alert was launched Wednesday after the disappearance of the list of passengers on a flight from Mauritius. Ravalomanana apparently fearing that might be tempted to return, two months after being ousted by the opposition with the support of the army, a hundred soldiers awaited the arrival of the aircraft at the airport Ivato and adjacent to the runway. The soldiers searched the passengers and their luggage in search of weapons and possible accomplices of Marc Ravalomanana. The excavations have yielded no results. “

Actually, the first place that I read about this was an IOL article. The article notes that the HAT has been increasingly jittery from the pressure from the international community regarding the policitical instability:

The administration of embattled interim president Andry Rajoelina is appearing increasingly jittery as pressure grows on the 34-year-old leader to end months of instability by holding inclusive elections.

With a jittery HAT and the imprompt to search of the airport, it has to make you wonder why they are so worried? There couldn’t really be anything to this could there? A reason why Rajoelina is so vehemently behind his decision not to sign any deal that would allow for the return of Marc Ravalomanana to Madagascar?

“The High Transitional Authority blocks the return of the former president, Marc Ravalomanana, to the country,” Rajoelina told reporters at the opening day of separate talks intended to heal deep divisions within the army.”We will not sign any agreement allowing for his return.”

The only thing I could come up with is that perhaps there is a section of the army, not with CAPSAT, that is waiting for the return of Ravalomanana to take action against their  corrupt counterparts…. But that is pretty far fetched, why would they wait if they could take action now? And even if they were waiting, why would anyone want to start a civil war?

Not sure, but thought the whole thing was worth mentioning because it does seem like a jumpy/reactive thing to do. There is definitely paranoia here.


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