Allowing Madagascar to Crumble

First of, I should just say that this post will be more of a rant than anything else… I, along with most of you, am EXTREMELY tired of all the talks. I am not against diplomacy at all, in fact I would prefer that things get resolved peacefully… I am just frustrated that it is always the same thing.

So… on Saturday the SADC and AU had an “extraordinary” meeting to discuss what they were going to do about the worsening situation in Madagascar. Apparently, they just have “serious concerns” about the break down in talks and believe that peace will be achieved if “all parties” are committed to the process. The SADC also, much like the US and EU, have unilatirally rejected the use of force to return Marc Ravalomanana to Madagascar.

I wouldn’t call the SADC meeting “extraordinary”, the only “extraordinary” thing about the meeting is that people had come together on a Saturday to talk politics. We all could have waited until Monday… or even weeks for this meeting because it just means that there will be more of the same. Is this all there is to the resolution to the crisis in Madagascar? Just saying that everyone should play nice, have more talks and concede a little? Assigning yet another politician to fail to negociate with 4 ex-presidents? This is just more BS… this is just to generate buzz and get the SADC back in the news to make it look like they are doing something to resolve the crisis.

Are they really doing anything? Not really. To me it almost feels as though they are like vulchars circling around a mortally wounded Madagascar. We all know that Rajoelina doesn’t want to talk with Ravalomanana and wants to keep him out. We also know that he no longer wants to offer amnesty to former political exiles and wants to keep them out. We all know that nobody cares about what Albert Zafy does because he most likely will never be re-elected. So… where does that leave the talks exactly? Failed. They are failed currently and they will continue to fail until such a time that Madagascar falls apart to the point where Rajoelina will have no other option but to accept negotiations. Of course this will mean that people will have suffered and any progress that was made will have been virtually erased. And when this eventually happens, the SADC/AU will be there to claim that they have successfully brokered a peace deal in Madagascar when it was really political/economic circumstance that would have driven Rajoelina to agree to anything… like vulchars.

Couldn’t they do more? If they don’t want to use force, couldn’t they use other methods to hasten the demise of the HAT? The SADC/AU just talk tough, but are really taking no steps to assist Madagascar. They could have placed heavy restrictions on the HAT, they could place sanctions on them/Madagascar… something that would make the HAT squirm a little faster. As it is, they seem to be coming into a financial issue with the military so who knows how that will play out… but they really aren’t in a position that is terrible enough that they would have to agree to anything (and what WOULD they agree to if they were running out of options?). So as far as I can see, the HAT will continue plodding along making promises trying to maintain their grip on Madagascar… but their demise will only come once they run out of money or some other dramatic event unfolds.

It just p****es me off that we will have to go through another month or two of talks where each side will be making their demands until the next time that someone decides they have had enough and pulls out of talks. All we have to look forward to now is months of AP articles stating what Ratsiraka wants, what Ravalomanana wants and what Rajoelina is willing to do. All the while people are losing their jobs, the cost of living is increasing and Madagascar continues to spiral downward.

Here are some articles of the day that you can take a look at:

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So they’re now openly threatening people with death sentences on radio…

Here is an interesting video from the satirical news network “The Onion” entitled “Ambassador Stages Coup At UN”. It kind of outlines the underlying theme of my post as to how useless these AU/EU/UN/SADC type organizations can sometimes feel:

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