Madagascar “may” have been abandonned

Just have to put this post up quick because I am seeing conflicting stories…

Yesterday I posted that AU suspended talks indefinitely, but afterwards I am starting to see conflicting reports that all parties involved are gathering to meet on August 5, 2009.  Here are some excerpts from a Yahoo AFP article:

“We are here to see that everybody meets in Maputo on August 5 and we shall settle questions that are still outstanding,” said Edem Kodjo, mediating on behalf of the International Organisation of the Francophonie (French-speaking countries).On July 22, Chissano managed to win an agreement “in principle” that the four parties will all meet in Maputo, the Mozambican capital, early in August.

“The lack of dialogue has so far been an obstacle to any solution,” Chissano said at the time.

“The sooner this meeting is held the better. The parties have accepted the idea of meeting in Mozambique, but I still have to consult with authorities in my country.”

So… I guess we will see who is out of date… if it is Reuters, or if it is Yahoo and other related AFP articles.

There really are no other articles than the 2 that I have found so far… and it does seem likely that the AU would just completely abandon talks in the country… so I am inclined to believe the Yahoo article.

I guess we just have to wait and see the report coming out of negotiations for Madagascar to confirm which is true. But if it does turn out to be true, then I guess my last post/rant applies. 🙂


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