An agreement is reached.

The 4 presidents (TopMada)

As much as I thought that the crisis would last forever, it seems that a mediator has finally brought in an agreement that all parties could agree on. There isn’t a lot of information on this really, but here are the main points of most of the articles:

  • A transitional period of 15 months
  • Legislative and presidential elections will be held during the transition, monitored by international observers
  • Marc Ravalomanana does not participate in the transitional government (though his party will)
  • Amnesty will be granted for both Ravalomanana and Ratsiraka allowing them both to return to Madagascar

There hasn’t really been any other details of the accord revealed, but I am sure that they will bring them forward soon enough.

Here are the 3 stories that I have found so far regarding the accord:




WA Today


It would be interesting to know if any of the fines that were levied against either Ravalomanana or Ratsiraka will be applied, or if the accord is just wiping the slate completely clean.

What is more interesting though is that all these ex-leaders get to return to Madagascar and participate in elections (I didn’t see anything stating that they couldn’t), so in the next 15 months Madagascar is going to have one hell of an election. Can you imagine if you had to choose between Ravalomanana, Ratsiraka or Rajoelina? That would be insane.

I guess we don’t know for certain if any or all of them will run, but just based on history, it seems to be a position that people would want to fight for. Now it is just a question as to whether or not there will be a great deal of rigging being done by any of the involved parties over the 15 months that have been designated for elections. We already know that Rajoelina has been replacing people everywhere and has been trying to win over the minds of the youth of Madagascar.

But regardless of what new problem might occur in the future with any of the 4 individuals involved, it is just good to know that the illegal government is now on its way to the end and once again we “should” be looking at another democratic government, whomever that might be. I am just glad that something has been signed, and it appears that the crisis will be over soon enough (barring of course any other dispute that might happen over the course of the 15 months).


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