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I have not stopped following the events that have been unfolding since September 1st, and will be making a big post on all of it. But for now, check out the Twitter timeline, there has been a flurry of activity there ESPECIALLY around the dramatic events occurring at the UN conference.  Should be posting in the next few days. Thanks.


Military discord?

Update 09/02/09: Here is a link to short interview with Gen Edmond

Going through the news today I stumble across some stuff that could lead to something interesting if it turns out to be true. I was perusing the internet today and stumbled upon this article from Midi Madigasikara regarding General Edmond Rasolomahandry. Apparently he was mere moments away from boarding a flight back to Madagascar (having checked his bags and such) when he received a long phone call the article presumes from someone in Madagascar. After the phone call, he decides not to board the flight and chooses instead to stay in Maputo.

As it turns out… whoever called General Edmond sure did save him a lot of trouble as Crazy Commander Charles Lylison was in Ivato on Aug 28 awaiting someone with his FIS. The article below from the Madagascar (roughly translated) states that he was there because of comments made by Manandafy Rakotonirina:

They caused a ruckus in the airport. The reason for this anger is, according to several sources, that Manandafy reportedly said that the SADC soldiers can not contain Malagasy soldiers.

It is unclear under the these threats but by the soldiers, the Malagasy army would be dishonored by what Manandafy. According to the commander Lylison, Manandafy must appear in court because he has disrespected the Malagasy army.

On the 28th, I thought to myself that Manandafy cannot catch a break with this Commander Charles fellow as we can all remember his comments (basically saying “You’re mine” among other things) when he was arrested by him and the infamous arrest photo:

Manandafy Rakotonirina Arrest

I did think it was rather ‘crazy’ that Charles would go to an airport with his special forces to wait for a 71 year old man to come back because of some disrespectful comments that he may have made towards the Malagasy army and subsequently even more crazy that he should go to court over them.

Now if the article from Midi is true, and this General Edmond did stay in Maputo at the last minute because of what was waiting in Maputo, things could get interesting. If anything it is because he is the only military figure that has been speaking against the ‘military declaration’ that was made by the HAT to stop Ravalomanana from returning to Madagascar. But it could also be because there are elements of the military that do not agree with how the military is currently politically divided and that this element of the military are starting to become fed up with the state of the  military /country as it stands today.

I have heard (but don’t have time to reference anything) around the internet that there have been various secret meetings between military types and rumours that the military were planning a takeover while Rajoelina was in Maputo, but had backed down. I am inclined to think that since there are so many rumours out now regarding the military that there at least has to be some truth to them, the Midi article almost does that itself. Why else would someone who was destined for Madagascar and had already checked their bags, abruptly stay, if not to avoid problems? It doesn’t make any sense otherwise. And when have we ever heard a military figure speak out against the commandments of the HAT? Never. So… it makes more sense that the FIS was at the airport for General Edmond than it was for them to be there for some offhand comments made by Manandafy.

And if all of this ends up to be true, then it leads you to believe that there is something going on internally within the military and wonder when you are going to see it. I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more stories coming up for General Edmond and try and dig up some information on secret military talks… but if there should be more articles arriving on what has happened to General Edmond… I think you can be sure that something is going on in the back ground that we don’t know about.