The never ending story

It has been a long time since I have made a post, partly because I was on vacation for 6 weeks, but also because quite frankly I am getting bored and angry with the failures in negociations.

I seriously didn’t expect there to be any progress made while on vacation, and from the looks of things it was a reasonable expectation. Perhaps you can tell how hopeful I am of this situation ever being resolved?

At any rate, as I usually do, here is the rundown of all the things that had occurred during my vacation:

The sad part is that they will never change diplomatically because Rajoelina is where he wants to be, in his position of power. The AU/SADC and international community can throw all the negotiators they want at this problem, but all they are ever going to get from it is failure.  After all, you are negotiating with a person that came to power via a coup d’etat, does anyone expect him to share or cooperate with anyone? The only thing that he will ever do is try to legitimize himself so he can restore the donor money to Madagascar so he can really have his way. About the only time you will ever see him ‘negotiate’ is if his government is about to fail or there is some risk to him personally (a la uprising).

So while we hear about the poor Malagasy to the south wishing for a cyclone to give them temporary relief from a nasty drought, while the Malagasy economy is capsizing, and while just about everything else could go wrong with the country, we have all the political buffoons sitting around each trying to figure out how they can obtain more power. I am tired of all of it and the suffering that these negotiating failures are bringing to the country as a whole. We need to stop this nonsense of flying all these politicians from country to country where they enjoy the local hotels and hospitality and implement a solution immediately.

About the only thing that I can think of as a solution is one that the Malagasy choose for themselves, which logistically would be very difficult… but would be the only acceptable way since negotiations with all former presidents is nothing but a power struggle. Since the government in Madagascar is more or less non-existent, we should just ramp up elections to happen in less than 6 months if possible. We cannot trust the army, the politicians or any transitional government… so this I think would be the only acceptable way out of this mess. Give all interested political parties a short time to communicate what they would do for the country and then put it to a heavily monitored vote… at least this way the Malagasy could choose the mess they are in rather than it being thrust upon them such as it was by Rajoelina.

If we continue on the path we are on, nothing will ever be achieved. And the longer we continue to ‘negotiate’ the worse it becomes for all Malagasy.


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