Square One

Now that all of his opposition is safely tucked away in Mozambique, Andry Rajoelina is starting to show the world his new, heavily faulted plan… same as  the old heavily faulted plan, try to rule Madagascar by himself insisting that he does not require any assistance from the international community.

As recent as yesterday, he was quoted as saying:

“We ask (the international community) to no longer involve yourselves in our problem. The solution to the crisis will only come from the people through this election”

It has been a little while since we have heard his “the people” line, but rest assure that when he says “the people” he means “Andry Rajoelina” so feel free to substitute. Here is another quote from the same article:

“The international community’s way out of the crisis was enforced cohabitation. But we have all seen that this won’t work,”

Why won’t it work Andry Rajoelina? It is quite simply because he  cannot allow anyone to have even be close to the same level of power as he has, because he is the “High Authority of the Transition”, a post he made up and would like to keep… he doesn’t know how to share.

So in this latest turn of events, Rajoelina is returning to his old strategy of trying to ignore any negotiations and forget that he wanted to obtain the donor money that has been missing since he took power. Instead, he is going to dust off that old party line that “The crisis only involves the people of Madagascar, and only the people of Madagascar can resolve it”.

Tentative parliamentary elections are scheduled for March 20th of next year where there will no doubt be a lack of transparency since he doesn’t want any international observers to meddle with the voice of the people. I am pretty sure that March 20th will mark the return of Monja Roindefo if he doesn’t return any sooner.

And here we are, back at square one… the exact same place we were right after they had taken control of the country… rejecting all international demands and once again preparing to setup his own government.

About the only thing that will change the country now would be if the army were to end their support of Rajoelina… but then… would that be any better? I don’t think you can ever expect that the SADC will be sending troops in to rescue Madagascar and you certainly can’t expect that there will ever be any sort of unity government any time soon. So all we can expect is that this stalemate will continue well into next year.


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