Welcome to my blog!

I created this blog as a place for me to voice my opinions on the current policitcal crisis in Madagascar and to consolidate links and media relating to it. I hope you find it useful, and hope to see you regularly!

About me, I am a Canadian man married to a Malagasy woman. We have been to Madagascar many times, enjoyed it and always plan to go back every year, or every other year if we can. We like to take a break from things over here and go enjoy the food, culture and company of the people of Madagascar.

About the name. The first thing that anyone that comes to my blog must think is… what’s up with your name? Unfortunately for me, it is a handle that I have carried since I was on the world wide web (around 1996 or so) and I have kept it for consistencies sake as well as for sentimental value. Not to mention… it is pretty unique, wouldn’t you say?

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