What I mean by crisis

Normally, I am not the type of person that blogs, or puts any type of information online but something that has happened recently has changed my mind.

On the 26th of January there was a demonstration turned riot in Antananarivo Madagascar that spread country wide over the next few days. One might think, “What’s the big deal? The troublemakers just get arrested, things get rebuilt and everyone gets back to normal tomorrow”, right? Unfortunately this is not the case, Madagascar was not very well off to start and with the rioting and looting it has made staple foods double in price overnight and be practically unavailable anywhere but the black market.

It has made me and my family so sad to see all the progress that was made in the country litterally go up in flames overnight. Since we have family over there it also concerns us to see the political crisis that is unfolding, it is the kind of crisis that you don’t expect will go away until something drastic happens.

So, this is the impetus of this blog. In the near future I am hoping to try and consolidate all the links, pictures and video on the conflict with my own opinion. And I am hoping it will at the very least help people find information on the ongoing situation and perhaps provoke some more opinions.

Till next post…